You Won’t Believe These 15 HORRIFIC Athletic Wardrobe Fails!


Whether you’re going on a night out with pals or just sitting at home slouching around, you decide what you wear, don’t you? Unless you’re five or something. And we’re assuming you’re not. You pick the pants, top, jacket, shirt, skirt, whatever. Your main concern will be looking good. Or, if you’re not really going anywhere, a little comfort. But when you’re a sportsperson, it’s all about giving yourself an edge. You’re not there to look good, your clothing needs to optimize your performance wherever possible. Maybe it makes you more aerodynamic. Whatever it is, appearance is secondary. Although it can backfire and go so wrong that suddenly what you look like is all anyone cares about. We’re talking about wardrobe malfunctions and fails. There have been plenty over the years, but we’ve scoured the globe and come up with the fifteen best…

Sports Fails (1)

These young ladies look pretty pleased. And why wouldn’t they? They’ve just won a gold medal in the Most Inappropriate Outfits Awards. These orange numbers are really something. They can only have been designed by someone with a very limited knowledge of the female anatomy. Only it doesn’t take a fully-qualified gynecologist to work out what was going to happen when a human woman slipped into one of these brighty-tighties. Still, they’ve battling on bravely and smiling through the embarrassment. Good work, girls.

Sports Fails (2)

When you get the contract to supply the sportswear for a country, here’s a tip – get the flag right. Don’t put it on upside down, alright? The Filipino flag was messed up here. “This was an error of the supplier which we have corrected. The supplier is making a public apology accepting the fact that they made a mistake.” Said Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association president Philip Ella Juico. We’re guessing they lost the contract shortly after this…

Sports Fails (3)

Look, we’re not perverts or anything, okay? And we realize that tight Lycra outfits are necessary in a lot of sports, but we just can’t help – sometimes – looking south. When male runners are sprinting, things move about. It’s distracting for the viewers at the best of times, so you can imagine what it’s like when a wardrobe malfunction like this happens. We didn’t really need to put that big white ring around the area we’re talking about, did we???

Sports Fails (4)

At first glance, this looks to be a terrible athletic wardrobe fail. Arguably, the world’s greatest ever female tennis player, Serena Williams appears to have selected an outfit which has exposed her butt quite comprehensively. But on closer inspection, we see that she’d cleverly slipped on a pair of flesh-colored shirts on underneath her frilly black dress. But still – check out the top half of this ensemble. It looks like lingerie. She appears to have played this game of tennis dressed as a Wild West cathouse madam.

Sports Fails (5)

Is this an innovative but controversial new design for male swimwear? Can this naked butt area offer something in terms of aerodynamics? Well, maybe. We’re no experts in science. Or, indeed, butts. But we think it’s probably slightly more likely that this visible booty action is down to a tear or rip in the costume. While it may offer ease for toilet use, it also offers quite a lot in terms of potential embarrassment to the swimmer when he has to get out of the pool…

Sports Fails (6)

Look, we’ll admit it – we’ve never been responsible for the design of a sports teams’ Lycra outfit. We just haven’t. It’s a fact that shames us almost every day. In fact, some of our family members no longer talk to us because of it. So, obviously, we’re not very well qualified to comment on these matters. But… C’mon! Who suggests a flesh-colored wave across an outfit like this? We reckon this might be the handiwork of whoever it was that designed that orange effort from earlier.

Sports Fails (7)

With the sheer amount of flailing whips that you get in the middle of a horse race, you have to wonder if the guy who’s ‘accidentally’ exposed his bare bottom here really is the victim of bad fortune or not… We mean, if he likes a bit of a spank, he’s in a good place. If he doesn’t, surely he would’ve worn his jockeys. ‘Jockeys’. Geddit? Like the underwear? And he’s a jockey, right? That’s wit right there. God, we spoil you sometimes.

Sports Fails (8)

Ah, soccer. A game of two halves. A gentleman’s sport played by hooligans. Here’s an unfortunate incident from the English Premier League. Birmingham-based club Aston Villa are taking on London outfit Tottenham Hotspur. Danish forward Nicklas Helenius goes to strike and whoops – his shorts fall down. Luckily he’s not Knickerless by nature… His name’s ‘Nicklas’, right? Another EXCELLENT underwear pun for you. You’re welcome.

Sports Fails (9)

Another bare butt for you. Another treat. It seems as though sports outfit fails often have a lot of visible backside flesh. Here we see the discipline known as bobsleigh, a sport made famous – weirdly – by a morbidly obese man and the country Jamaica. That’s right – we’re talking about Cool Runnings. And the running will be plenty cool for this bobsleigher – a tear in their outfit has exposed some serious buttock. Chilly.

Sports Fails (10)

This Japanese winter athlete must have thought that a thick Lycra jumpsuit would easily cover up her skimpy panties underneath. But she clearly wasn’t factoring in the glaring bulbs on the cameras of the paparazzi… Like with A-Listers on the red carpet, the bright glow can show up things under a dress that are meant to stay hidden. These don’t look particularly sporty, do they? Who knows? Maybe she was headed out on a date after her event.

Sports Fails (11)

Hungarian ice dancer Nóra Hoffmann is a national champion. And like any other other female figure skater, she’s at serious risk of wardrobe malfunction when at work. The fiddly dresses aren’t all that practical when it comes to extreme physical exertion. It only takes the wrong turn or move and before you now it… BAM! You’re in real danger of the cup spilling over. If you get our drift. Of course you do – you’ve seen the photos haven’t you? Poor Ms. Hoffmann. Dustin will be livid.

Sports Fails (12)

If you thought that figure skating was a sport which puts you at a heightened risk of accidental flashing, then try swimming. You’re basically nude but for a mere slip of fabric. Just ask Jenifer Benitez. A Spanish diver, she bared a nipple at the Olympics of all things. Millions saw her 2012 nip slip. Not only that – but look at those scores. That’s not going to win a medal, is it? Clearly the judges didn’t see this picture…

Sports Fails (13)

Every now and again the odd slip is caught on camera by an eagle-eyed viewer with a good pause function and lightning reactions. But sometimes a wardrobe malfunction can be so epic that even the most unobservant person would notice it. Like this poor girl. We’re guessing she’s Greek judging by her teammate’s swimming hat flag. And her tanlines. Athletic wardrobe fails. They don’t get any bigger than this.

Sports Fails (14)

Back to soccer and the English Premier League. Here we see Wimbledon defender Warren Barton getting amongst the balls and getting his tackle out. The team he’s playing against? Tottenham Hotspur again. What is it about Spurs that makes the opposition want to expose themselves so readily?  Whatever it is it’s made Warren here go out and expose him entirely. Please don’t tell us this is what ballboys are for…

Sports Fails (15)

It looked like it was mostly going to be a man butt-dominated list to begin with, didn’t it? But with this lady boob judo appearance, we think the male/female sportswear fail ratio has evened up a little. While this is clearly a grapple gone a little wrong, it kind of looks a little bit more like the woman in blue is just trying to leave. And her opponent in the white is determined to make her stay…